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Masculine Style

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Masculine Style
To start this video, Aaron Marino of alpha m. is going to take you off-course and then bring you back in. He first discusses why he started alpha m. Image Consulting in 2006 which included enjoyment and a need in the market. Then in 2008, Alpha started a YouTube channel of common sense solutions to style issues. He's successful because he's real and practical.

Today, Alpha's excited to tell you about Tanner's Masculine Style blog. Tanner is going higher level, talking about the *whys* and the 'psychology' behind a man's aesthetic. His site is a great resource.

Here's what Tanner has to say:

All men, even those who claim to be apathetic about their style, have an inherent understanding of the effect their appearance has on their lives. Otherwise you'd see us running around in Snuggies - they're functional, comfortable, and modest.

When it comes down to it, a man's aesthetic, whether it's his clothing, grooming, physique, or body language, are all tools that we use to communicate what we think of ourselves and what we want other people to think of us. In order to figure out the best way to dress, each man first needs to know what he wants to accomplish, and how different dress styles can contribute to or detract from those goals.

The best posts that sum up the practical advice and the psychological aspect of dressing well are my Archetypes of Masculine Style Series. They are:

Pete and Pedro

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