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I Acted Like an Ass | Losing Your Cool Is Not an Excuse

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Have you ever lost your cool on someone who didn't deserve you freaking out on them? Aaron Marino at alpha m. had an experience the other day that made himself disappointed in himself. He lost his mind on a customer service rep.

He has dealt wit this company in the past, but they dropped the ball. Alpha lost it and freaked out on the person that he was dealing with. Later he felt horrible about how he treated her. He called her up thereafter and apologized via voicemail. He then followed up, apologizing profusely.

We all have bad days, but it's no excuse to take it out on other people. Typically we take it out on people we  are closest to, but it's also not appropriate to treat customer service poorly. Alpha has sinned and is confessing. He's trying his hardest to keep his cool in the future, even when circumstances are less than desirable.

We are all a work in progress, and we should all treat each other well. Learn from Alpha's mistake. Treat people kindly even when you're having a bad day.

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