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Style Lifehack | Keep Your Socks from Falling Down

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Alpha discusses a 'sock situation' where you are 'style personified' and ready to kick the day's ass, but your socks need to be pulled up constantly. It's hard to kick ass with socks that quit on you. Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over a lifehack that will keep your socks from quitting on you-- and NO, he's not talking about sock garters!

The garters are out (or should be, anyway!). Alpha is frustrated because a lot of the dress socks come up to your calf and those socks will quit unless the top elastic is super tight and cutting off the blood circulation!

A few months ago, Alpha saw the sock light! He purchased a pair of knee length socks. They are fantastic. Alpha demonstrates the standard sock versus the knee length sock. The knee length sock is a bit longer and is amazing. His socks never fall down anymore.

Where can you find them? Most department stores have these as an option. Try this style lifehack so you can kick the day's ass without having to pull your socks up.

Pete and Pedro

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