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Tattoo Removal | Update and Fifth Laser Tattoo Removal Session

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WIFH Laser Tattoo Removal
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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is taking you on a field trip for a laser tattoo removal session (again). He's been going through a series of removal sessions and explains how he got into this situation (dumb and regretful tattoos) in the first place. He has a bumblebee and crescent moon, and he loved them for about 6 months.

The doctor estimated that his tattoos will take 6 - 8 treatments. He's had three sessions on his shoulder blade, and it's almost gone. However, the leg tattoo is not working as fast (three sessions so far) as Alpha expected it to.

The laser breaks up the tattoo, and your body absorbs the particles. It takes a while. It's been 4 months since his last treatment. It's time to keep going with this process and get it finished.

This is a cautionary tale. Learn from Alpha's mistakes. Don't get a tattoo on an impulse. Think about it because once you have it, they are tough to get rid of. Removal is expensive, painful, and time consuming.

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