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Let's Destroy Those Shoulders With This Intense Superset

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is stretching in preparation to beat the hell out of his shoulders. This simple superset is something different and extra for shoulders.

Use the rope and attach to the lower pulley as well as dumbbells for 4 sets as follows:

  1. Pick up ropes and grab with knuckles facing forward for an upright row. Elbows straight up and down, like you are zipping up a jacket. Don't go heavy but controlled. Shoot for 10 -15 reps.
  2. Drop the weight (half the weight as upright rows). Grab rope where the stopper is against your thumb. Step over and stand up. The rope / cable is between your legs with your back facing the plates. Elbows are slightly bent so that you slowly raise and pause. This BURNS! Don't go heavy but go slow with a pause. Get 8 - 10 reps.
  3. Grab light-weight dumbbells for side raises. Try 10 -12 of these.
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