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Top 10 Instagram Pet Peeves!

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Aaron Marino is a late adopter with technology and social media. Just in the last year and half, he got into Instagram, and now he loves it.  Alpha of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro,and Fashion Anchor says that he posts quick Instagram videos for feedback and opinions which really helps him with content and ideas. Along with these benefits he's discovered some annoying things too.

Annoying Things People Do on Instagram

  1. Gym selfies
  2. Too many hashtags tagging everyone and everything
  3. Fake porn accounts liking your sh!t
  4. Inspiration ANYTHING
  5. Buying followers just to look more popular
  6. Dudes over 25 y/o posting pictures of themselves in the mirror giving the peace sign
  7. Food pictures - just eat it!
  8. Snapchat dog filter
  9. Girls who post sexy selfies with inspirational quotes
  10. Not posting enough selfies holding Tiege Hanley
Pete and Pedro

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