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Incredible Bicep and Tricep Workout | Big Guns Guaranteed!

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Alpha loves working biceps and triceps together. The pump keeps him coming back for more. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a workout that will trash your biceps and triceps. Your pythons will be pumped and growing. Start with a warms-up of straight bar curls (12 reps) and rope push-downs (20 reps).

After the warm-up, the workout consists of 4 sets of:

  • Straight bar curls (8 - 12 reps) with a pause at the top
  • Rope push-downs (20 reps)


Grab dumbbells and find a bench for 3 to 4 sets of this series:

  • Seated single arm dumbbell curls alternating (10 -12 reps each arm)
  • Skull crushers (12 reps)
  • Double hammer curls (10 -12 reps)
  • Tricep dips (20 reps)
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