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Elevate Your Style | Without Being Laughed At or Made Fun Of

You have a problem - you want to elevate your style game but you don't because you don't want to be made fun of. Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about how to up your style game without looking like you're trying too hard.

Guys want to step out of their style box but are concerned what others will say. So a lot of times, guys stunt their style to fit in and be accepted. This primal need to be accepted dictates where we will go stylistically as well.

Here how you can become a more stylish you, seamlessly:

Take a look at yourself- where do you fit in with your style? You are probably fitting in, and you're probably dressing like others around you.

  • Now, assess your wardrobe and see what category your clothing is in: shirt, pants, and shoes.
  • Each category has three levels: level one / not stylish, level two / stylish, level three / fashion forward. Step up one level at a time.


For example, you typically wear a level one with shirt, pants, and shoes. You style-up one category by moving it up one level. After you do this awhile, you move another category up another level. Over time, your entire wardrobe will move up one level. You can take style risks methodically, one level at a time.

This works in any group setting such as the office. For example, you wear level one with shirt, pants, and shoes. One thing at a time you are leveling up. Start with the shoes, move to the pants, and then go for the shirt. Do it one by one, category by category, leveling up.

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