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Wear a Vest and Kill It | Men's Dress, Casual, and Sweater Vests

Alpha used to think vests looked amazing on other men but not him. But he realized he was being a pussy so he got a vest and looked awesome! He even got a compliment! That's all it took. He's now a vest wearing slut. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents different kinds of vest and how to wear them.

Vests are a great option for the layering enthusiast- adding character, depth, and dimension to what could be a particularly boring outfit. Vests are a wardrobe wonder item. There are three categories: dress vest, casual vest, and sweater vest.

Dress Vest

It comes as part of a package like a three piece suit. Alpha utilizes a dress vest with jeans, black driving mocs, black belt, white shirt, unbuttoned with no tie. Throw on a scarf to add another style dimension. Throw a sport coat to dress it up. You could also replace the scarf and replace with a tie. If it's hot, then roll up your sleeves for another look. Throw on dressy shoes or slacks to look more professional - dynamite!

Casual Vests

Typically sold independently and come in a wide variety of fabric and materials. The strap in the back can give a fitted, tailored look, which looks better. He goes with a similar outfit as before with jeans. This time he pairs the vest with chocolate brown pants. Leave one or two buttons undone for casual cool. Don't try to match the vest with the other clothing items -- instead, contrast in order to balance. Alpha adds a jacket to illustrate.

Sweater Vests

They are sexy second cousin of the v-neck sweater and come in a variety of fabrics. Go with a light fabric- not big and bulky. That way, you'll look better with outer layers and you won't get as hot. You can find them in solids and patters (argyle). You can use with jeans, slacks, and a suit. Check out Alpha's dynamite ensemble. When you are wearing a vest, make sure your collar points stay inside of the v of the sweater! This is crucial! You don't want to be wearing *lesbian chic* or looking like a guy without style.

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