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How to Use Color to Balance Your Body Proportions

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When you think about it, clothing is pretty amazing in its ability to enhance our positive attributes and minimize perceived negative physical characteristics. It's like style smoke and mirrors. Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about fit in almost every video. A tailored shirt can make your shoulders look broader and waist look smaller- the shirt maximizes positive and minimizes negatives. The same with pants- better fit can give visual illusions. Clothing fit, as well as color, can change the way we look and our body proportions.

Utilizing colors properly can make a more balanced looking physique. Black is slimming because of the reflection of light. White makes a person appear larger. Heavier men should wear darker tones, whereas super skinny should opt for lighter shades: light gray or tan pants, white / light blue / light pink shirts, light tan or light gray suit.

  • Longer upper body that's larger with smaller lower body? Wear light colors on the lower body and darker colors on the upper body.
  • Larger lower body? Go dark with lower body and light shades on upper body.


The majority of us are not proportionate. Understanding dark / smaller and light / larger can give the visual illusion of balancing everything out.

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