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Stop Smelly Feet | Chronic Foot Odor

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Do your feet stink? Alpha's not talking about a smell after exercising in shoes running. He's talking about when you take off your shoes, the room is filled with a deadly stink.

Chronic foot odor is often a deal breaker, but it's treatable and preventable. Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over tips and tricks to keep your tootsies smelling sweet:

  1. exfoliate with an antibacterial soap & foot scrubber
  2. dry feet thoroughly as a wet foot is a bacteria breeding ground
  3. wear lightweight cotton socks rather than synthetic
  4. dust your feet with a talc-based powder
  5. wipe feet with hand sanitizer to prevent germs
  6. spray feet with antiperspirant
  7. if you are deficient in zinc, your feet can be stinker so take a zinc supplement
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