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How to Shop for Footwear | Men's Shoes

So you are in the market for new dress shoes. You find a pair you dig but they are a bit stiff. They look amazing, and you think they'll be comfortable after they are *broken in*. Aaron Marino of alpha m. dispels the style myth about buying dress shoes:
  • First find the tile area in the shoe store as carpet gives a false illusion about the comfort of the shoes.
  • Next, bring a pair of dress socks to use when trying on the dress shoes.
  • Further, are the shoes too tight? The fact is if they are too tight, the toe box is too narrow for you.
  • Equally important is the heel fit, so the heel shouldn't slip.
  • Arch support and cushion should be sufficient but if you wear inserts, bring those with you.
  • If the shoe has details like buckles, take the shoe and tap it. Listen for clanging so that you don't sound like a cowboy with spurs.

Bottom line, your dress shoes should be comfortable right out of the gate.

Pete and Pedro

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