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Use a Style Spotter | How to Match If Color Blind or Stink at Matching

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Alpha loves a good style challenge, which all starts with an email, "Color Blind Fashion." Aaron Marino of alpha m. reads the email from the viewer. The gist is that the viewer has challenges with color blindness and needs advice from Alpha how to overcome this.

First off, style rules have been tossed out the window currently. It's pretty tough to screw up matching and coordinating these days. The more outlandish the color combo, people feel it's all the rage. Next, Alpha demonstrates how the color blind see colors as well as shows an example of how the color blind see a picture. Red and green are the toughest colors to deal with for the color blind. If you struggle with a specific color,

  • Build a base wardrobe around the essentials: black, white, and gray. Pretty much everything matches with each of these shades and should be the foundation of your wardrobe.
  • Medium blue is another base color to incorporate into your wardrobe, even for the color blind, as it pretty much matches with everything.
  • Blue jeans should be middle range as they match with any and everything too.

If you must use other colors, take a style spotter with you when you go shopping. Just like a spotter is used in the gym in case you get into trouble, use this style spotter to help with coordinating and matching clothing items. Before you run off and go shopping, come up with a game plan of what you are wanting to match and shop for. Take pictures and bring the images with you so your spotter can refer to them. After you are done shopping, write on the tags with a Sharpie what items match with what items so that you can remember into the future.

Modern Tailor Matches With Everything!

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