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How to Look {Awesome} in EVERY Picture! | 10 Photograph Taking Tips

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We live in a social media world - everything we do revolves around some sort of profile. No matter what network, you have a profile. And that picture is very important because you have 1-second to make an impression online. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro has teamed-up with to give you 10 tips to make sure you look awesome in every picture. Knock your profile pic out of the park!

Picture Tips

  1. Show your left side - scientific studies indicate that the left side of people's face is more attractive than the right.
  2. Don't take pictures from below - make sure to take the picture from above.
  3. Don't take pictures in bright and direct sunlight.
  4. Take pictures in indirect or diffused light (front of a window).
  5. Your tongue should press against the back of your teeth - you'll release and relax the rest of your face.
  6. Wipe off your face prior to pictures so you don't shine. Matte looks amazing.
  7. Find your signature color - most dude's look great in light blue and black. Whites might not look great because your teeth can look yellow.
  8. Stand tall with chest up.
  9. Find your signature hand pose - closed fist, peace sign, single finger, thumbs up, or the pocket.
  10. Check your hair prior to taking the picture - reverse your camera. Also use Pete and Pedro!


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