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How to Handle Criticism | Destructive and Constructive

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Criticism is never fun no matter who it's coming from. The fact is that not all criticism is not created equal. Constructive criticism can make you into a better person; whereas destructive criticism tears you down emotionally. How can you handle both types of criticism? Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over each step with you:

The first step is to identify the purpose of the criticism (constructive versus destructive). The distinction is crucial. Alpha's knee-jerk reaction used to be 'I'm fine', but now that he's older, he really tries to figure out why he's being criticized.

Next, accept that you aren't perfect and accept your flaws. Third step is to try to think of it as opportunity for improvement. With step four, try to become less sensitive. Alpha talks about how the YouTube's destructive comments were a technique for becoming less sensitive for himself.

Step five is trying to understand what is being said. Step six is not trying to defend yourself. Take a deep breath and a step back- is there some validity to what they're saying? Last, take responsibility for your actions and stop making excuses- own it, identify it, and make a plan to change it. You're worth it!

Professionals, therapists, and more can help you to work on to make yourself a better and stronger person. If there's an opportunity for improvement, embrace it.

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