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How to Get Your Collar To Stand Up and Stay Up

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Modern Tailor 10% off with discount code: alpham10
How to Measure for a Custom Dress Shirt
Alpha's style pet peeve is his collar quitting on him. It's happening because the fabric is higher end and the collar is not tall. Aaron Marino of alpha m. wants a collar that stands up tall without a tie, and he figured it out!

Here's the thing- he went to Modern Tailor and made it happen. When selecting the collar, there's a default classic medium height as standard. You can go larger or smaller as well. Normally, Alpha was buying the wide spread. But there's another option, he's going with 2 buttons.

Alpha reveals what he got from Modern Tailor as a result. He tries on the jacket with the shirt. Are you kidding me!? It's perfect! The collar is a little bit taller, but quite frankly it looks pretty cool. It also works with v-neck sweaters too.

You can buy a test shirt from Modern Tailor for around $19. Nothing feels better than a custom shirt that fits you perfectly. You get a fit you absolutely you love.



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