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How to Get Cast on a Reality TV Show | 6 Tips to Ace Auditions

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Alpha has a super power -- getting cast on reality TV shows! He's been on 4 reality TV shows: NBC Fear Factor, VH1 Glam God, and two season (4 & 7) on ABC Shark Tank. He knows what the producers and casting directors want by projecting a message and himself in an entertaining and energetic way. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro shares a few things he's learned about getting on a reality TV show.

First off, you need to be realistic. It's not an answer to financial prayers, and there's a big chance that you can embarrass yourself. You sign away your rights to 'you' and if you make an ass of yourself, they have a right to use it. You can do damage to your image and reputation. Also remember, it doesn't matter how amazing you are at what you do. They want good television! They want a personality with a story, and if you aren't bringing it, they don't want you. Last, reality shows are a lot of things, but 'real' isn't one of them.

Six Tips to Help You Chase Your Reality TV Dreams

  1. Find the reality TV show fit for you - go directly to the website for the show auditions, go to the network for audition dates, or search Craigslist / Jobs / TV & Film (be careful because some are real and some aren't {aka: porn}). Alpha goes through examples.
  2. Auditions - whether you stand in line for in-person or audition tape, let your personality ooze out of you! Take it from a 9 to a 16! They aren't looking for experts as much as a personality. If you are a dud or shy, that won't work. Reality TV is all about the personality.
  3. Have a strong opinion during your audition process
  4. Don't be modest - Alpha gives an example of his Fear Factor audition where he rips his shirt off which is typically out-of-character for him.
  5. Don't lie about criminal records - a lot of casting directors don't care if you've had issues (ie: DUI or bad credit), but if you lie and they find out about it, you're eliminated.
  6. Once you're cast, do not drink alcohol when you're out there! It will pay off in the long run. Alpha tells a true store about his first appearance on Shark Tank. The one guy with the really great idea ends up drunk & punching another entrepreneur in the face and never got to pitch!
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