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How to Fold a Pocket Square | 5 Easy Folds!

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This video is all about pocket squares and how to fold them the *alpha m. way*. Turn a good outfit into a great one with a pop of pizazz and panache.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that the Internet is filled with little neat and precise folds that suck. Alpha presents his five favorites that are easy, quick, and tough to screw-up:

  1. The Straight Fold- super clean & simple and works best with a white pocket square
  2. Corners Out- make sure that stitching is on top and outside edge when inserting into the pocket
  3. The Pinch- quick & easy, also known as The Puff
  4. The Reverse Pinch- a little more dramatic and shows you don't mind taking risks
  5. The Flower- let's the world know you are not only stylish but also sensitive
Pete and Pedro

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