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10 Teen Tips | How to Be Taken More Seriously

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Alpha gets so many emails from teens about making a videos geared toward teens. No, this is not a video about teen style. Actually, this video is geared toward men of all ages. Alpha wants to tell teens what they need to hear beyond style. Aaron Marino of alpha m. wished someone would have told him these tips back in the day.

Ten Teen Tips

  1. Develop a grooming regimen - don't let the little things slide. Worry about smelling good and looking fresh.
  2. Dress with purpose - plan your outfit. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle free and clean. Put a polished presentation together which means pull your pants up!
  3. Stand and sit up straight - don't slouch. Carry yourself with dignity.
  4. Eye contact - it's important. When you engage someone, eye contact shows you're a man who know who he is, confident, and trust worthy.
  5. Good handshake - don't have a dead limp fish handshake! A good handshake is critical to your success.
  6. Develop your speaking skills - remove filler words (um, like, etc). Be concise. If you speak polished and get your point across, it will benefit you immediately and lifelong.
  7. Practice being a good listener as well as an active listener - don't be preoccupied or fumbling with your phone.
  8. Develop your small talk skills now - if you are good at small talk, you can have more fulfilling interactions overall.
  9. Be a Man of Your Word - if you say you're going to do it, do it. Be reliable and trustworthy. So many people say one thing and do something else. Establish your character that you are a man of your word.
  10. Be Kind to Others - be kind to everyone! Don't give into peer pressure.
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