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Happy Father's Day with Papa Alpha

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It's almost Father's Day, and Alpha wants to take the opportunity to thank his dad. It's easy to *father* a child but it doesn't mean you'll necessarily be a *dad*. Alpha says he's fortunate because he has his father around. Also, he says he's lucky to have a dad who is off-beat and a great guy.

If Papa Alpha could go back and say something to his father, what would he say? Because of lifestyle differences, Papa Alpha's father didn't always agree with his lifestyle path. If he could say anything to him now, he would tell his father that despite his disappointments he did a great job as a father. Papa Alpha is liked, he's a good guy, he doesn't hurt people- and ultimately, that came from his parents.

Alpha encourages you to reach out to your father on Father's Day. Papa Alpha also adds that no matter what your father is / was like, have appreciate for what they did for you. You may not have gotten along but being a father takes sacrifice and dedication. Happy Father's Day guys!

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