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Hair Loss | Tips and Tricks to Love Your Look

Mother Nature can be a bitch sometimes. Unfortunately, we don't get to chose the hand we are dealt. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says we can make the most of what we have been dealt.

Losing hair and going bald is sometimes the inevitable. This video covers tips and tricks to give a look to love if you are thinning or going bald. Alpha has two schools of thought: (1) fighters (2) embracers. Regardless, there are some things to do to enhance the bald head look:

  • Don't use the comb over, forward, or around
  • Go short- as low as it can go
  • Combine systematically into a great beard to bring the visual interest to the center of the face
  • Add an interesting and dynamic pair of frames which brings visual interest down to mid-level

Pete and Pedro

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