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Greek God Pushup Superset

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So back in the day, like way back to Zeus, how you do you think they sculpted those Greek God bods of theirs? Aaron Marino of alpha m. said they sculpted them by doing body weight exercises. And you can do the same thing without money, equipment, or a gym! If you have the will, the way, and the floor, you can do some amazing chest exercises.

Alpha says the push up doesn't get the respect it deserves. You can do them anywhere and anytime. You can totally change the intensity and difficulty with a few modifications. Step outside of the push-up box. You don't need bench press or dumbbells. Try these at the beginning of your workout, then do your chest workout. You will have totally annihilated your chest! You don't need the fancy workout to get a great workout!

Superset #1  complete 3 - 4 sets

  • 10 partial push-ups with pause (isometric)
  • 10 top to half way down with pause
  • 10 push ups


Superset #2  complete 3 - 4 sets

  • 10 close grip push-up (inside shoulder width)
  • 10 wide push-up
  • 10 shoulder width push ups
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