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How to Be a Gentleman | Public Cell Phone Etiquette

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A cell phone is common place these days, but using it respectfully is not quite so common. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is concerned about gentlemen out in public with their phones. A gentleman is discreet and discerning while on the phone. He is communicating to the other person on the end of the phone and not to everybody else around him. Don't be that obnoxious guy that takes no regard for the people around him. You can combine being a gentleman while using your phone.

How a Gentleman Uses a Cell Phone in Public

  • Do not incessantly look at, pull out, check out, or attend to your phone while having a conversation. If you want to be taken seriously and thought of someone who listens, leave the phone in your pocket. We have become addicted to our phones, and we are conditioned to attend to our phones-- don't miss out on great relationships.
  • Silent your phone in a theater, meeting, or movie.
  • Don't continue to talk on your phone when you are being helped at a restaurant or establishment. Put the phone in your pocket, hold it down, or ask the person on the other end to hold on- then do your business.
  • Be discreet and polite when making a call in public. To be courteous and polite, ask the people closest to you if they mind if you make a phone call.
  • Monitor and measure your tone and voice. Do not yell while on the phone.
  • Survey the scene and find a place to make a call where you will bother the least amount of people.
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