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Why Aaron Marino Doesn't Do Women's Styling

A female IAmAlphaM member likes the diet, workout, and nutrition tips-- and wants some videos about women's style. Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses why he doesn't film videos about women's style.

He was once on Vh1's Glam God show with Vivica Fox, which he intensely studied about styling women. Aaron even knew how to do a French twist! Aaron realized that dealing with women is incredibly difficult in comparison to dealing with men. Variations are greater with women, although one universal rule holds true to both men and women. Balance is a rule that holds true for both sexes and is a key for men and women's style and fashion.

The main reason Aaron doesn't do women's styling is that men don't have many resources for style, fashion, and image--  nor do they have realistic resources for the every day man. alpha m. is here for the 95% of the dudes who are not concerned about the runways in Paris. Bottom line is that Aaron is not producing any women's videos but we are glad you are here.

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