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Five Simple Fat Loss Tips

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Number One Way to Burn Body Fat | Cardio on Empty Stomach
Target Heart Rate | Fat Burning
Heart Rate Monitors | Polar
The Alpha M. Diet Plan
Good news! Aaron Marino of alpha m. is dropping some serious knowledge. The tips start with the super top one. Stop making excuses! It's never the perfect time to embark on a fitness program. Right now is no better time. Now here are the rest of the tips:
  1. Do cardio for 30 minutes on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning at your target zone.
  2. Find your target rate to utilize fatty acids to burn body fat. Invest in a Polar heart rate monitor.
  3. Prepare and plan your meals.
  4. Limit the amount you eat out to improve the chance of losing weight. Know what you are consuming.
  5. Have healthy snacks around the house.
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