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Five Minute Tricep Workout

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Five Minute Bicep Workout
Has anyone told you how fantastic your biceps look? Well, Alpha's taking partial credit because if you did the Five Minute Bicep Workout, there was no messing around. Today, Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives you 5 minute tris!

All you need is a stationary bench and a barbell. As far as the weight, Alpha will be using the 50 but you may need to play around to find the *sweet spot*. Don't rest long between sets. Perform 3 sets as follows:

  • Skull Crushers - the closer you can keep your elbows, the more intense the work for your triceps. If your elbows go out, lighten the weight. Go for 12 reps.
  • Tricep Dips- 10  to 12 reps
  • Behind the Head Extensions- nice and control with elbows tight. Get as many as you can.
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