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Fight Like a Man!

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How to Win a Fight Every Single Time
Physical violence is the topic and was inspired from an email that Aaron Marino of alpha m. recently received. The viewer asked about physical fighting when disrespected.

Alpha has never been in a physical fight. He used to be ashamed of that fact since society accepts violence between men. Papa Alpha had a fight with his brother when he was a kid but got close to a fist fight when he was an adult. He used bartend in a neighborhood bar and averted the fight with quick-wittedness.

Think to yourself: when was the last time you were remotely close to a fight? It probably had to do with alcohol. *Beer Muscles* is the term. Fighting shows a lack of willingness to negotiate with people. If someone is that headstrong, walk away! There are better options such as communicating.

If you are frequently finding yourself in situations where you are about to fight or are physically fighting, you need to think about your lifestyle and find other places to hang-out. Fighting is a horrible option. Think yourself out of situations.

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