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Fat Facts | Healthy Eating

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Facts About Fat
Did you know that every cell in your body needs fat in order to do 'its' thing? Fat is essential for healthy skin & hair, blood pressure regulation, cardio health, and decreasing bodily inflammation. Inflammation has been linked to arthritis and cancer. Fat is also essential for brain function. Aaron Marino of alpha m. emphasizes that not all fats are created equally.

Recently a war has been waged on fat. Fat is not all 'bad' although some is not good for you in excess such as animal fat and dairy as it increases cholesterol. With low fat diets, EFAs have been reduced too. Our body needs EFAs but our body doesn't produce them.

We need to get EFAs from plant based and salmon sources. Omega 3, 6, and 9 are needed to be as healthy as possible. EFAs aren't stored. Your body uses them. If you are eating a diet low in EFAs, your body is more prone to store 'bad' fats. Your sloppy ass Uncle Barry didn't get his bean-bag like physique from eating avocados and nuts!

It's tough to get enough of the good stuff (salmon, nuts, beans). Modern science packages this stuff in a EFAs from a nutrition store. Grocery stores and convenience stores are not selling reputable products and are not high quality. You need to get EFAs from nutrition stores for the highest potency possible. Don't fear the fat! Embrace and consume the good stuff!

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