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Facing My Demons

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Alpha reads from his senior high school yearbook: "I always wear a smile because anything else would make me have to explain what you wouldn't understand anyway." In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  says that was the quote he chose which represented his life at the time. He wore a smile as the 'happy guy' rather than telling people what was really going on with himself. He thought this was easier than being honest with people about his turmoil and demons. He continuously battles them - and you should deal with yours as well.

Hardships vs Demons

As you age, grow, and live, things form who you are. Some our strengths are from hardships. We have lived certain ways and experienced certain things that make us unique and amazing. Demons, on the other hand, are not the good things. These form us in a negative way and are the hardest to get over since they affect us on a deep level. Even if you compartmentalize them, they can manifest themselves in different areas & aspects of our lives -- they can potentially ruin your life if you're not brave enough to deal with them head-on. Alpha made a decision years ago to chose happiness over anger & hostility.

Alpha's Demons Develop

Three years old was the first time he went to a therapist, being a child of separation and divorce. He doesn't remember much of that. About 10 -15 years later, he shut down. He didn't want to talk. He had several step-fathers, and they were emotionally abusive. With the 2nd step-father, he lost his ability not to stand-up for himself as he wanted to not rock the boat. He just wanted a place to live and keep his friends. He harbored anxiety and resentment toward his mother.

When he went off to college, he was still super pissed off. This time was very dark. He was a bit depressed. He was self-medication to numb the hurt, anger, and abandonment. He was very sad. But he graduated, and he moved to Atlanta, GA. He was dating a girl who was dealing with depression. For a long time, he didn't know what was going on with her, but he knew his own needs weren't getting met.

He opened a nutrition store, and got taken advantage of by his partner. He was miserable at home, his job, and his mother. He needed someone to talk to. He sought out a counselor. This one was a good one. What works for one person may not work for another. This counselor made him find his value and worth - it was a gift. Despite the bad negative experience, he decided he deserved to be happy.

Men & Mental Health

Mental health is important, and many times, men don't talk about it. Perhaps there's a stigma attached to it. Alpha says that men are not equipped to handle the demons on their own. Those who chose to be happy and find therapy are the ones who strong and will succeed. As a side note, Alpha sees that social media is not making people feel good about themselves. He also sees people taking their own lives, and they even had resources to help them.

Better Help

Alpha found an amazing resource, Better Help, through watching The Phillip DeFranco Show and reached-out to them. Alpha signed-up and has Wade has a counselor. This therapy is online, super affordable, and convenient with licensed therapists. Alpha feels he needs to talk about this since mental health is a priority for all men. You can always benefit by talking to someone about issues, and they can be your cheerleader. They help you get better - period.

You can get advice or help for anything - no matter how small and if it's affecting you, hit that link. Fill out the survey to get matched with a therapist. It's crazy affordable too! You get 30-minute session per week with unlimited messaging. It's $35 - $80 billed monthly. If money is tight, you can apply for a financial discount. The beautiful thing is that you don't have to sit face-to-face which is unnerving for Alpha. You're on the phone - and it's amazing! You have nothing to lose - take care of yourself. Utilize the resource to be better and more confident: Try Online Therapy

Pete and Pedro

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