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Eliminate Plumber's Crack!

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Shirt Length When Un-Tucked
Crack is WHACK! And also kills your superfly image! Plumber's crack is the *official* term for when the upper part of your crack is exposed when squatting or bending down. As you squat, your underwear and pants slide down as your shirt simultaneously slides upwards.

Plumber's crack is a fact of life- it happens to each of us once in a lifetime. But if you are a chronic sufferer of plumber's crack, here are some reasons why:

  1. Going commando - if you don't wear underwear, you have eliminated a protective layer that can prevent your crack from showing. Loose underwear is also a culprit because it slips and slides. Use underwear that has a supportive waistband and is overall supportive to reduce exposing your crack.
  2. Pants that are too large - wear pants that fit!
  3. Skinny jeans and fitted pants - the tight fabric binds and has nowhere to expand as well as the pants have a lower rise which means a lower seat.
  4. Flat ass - no meat for anything to hold onto. Do some squats and lunges.
  5. Shirt length - if you are sitting and can feel a draft? Get a longer shirt: Shirt Length When Un-Tucked
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