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6 EASY Things ANY Guy Can Do to Look BETTER!

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After today's video, you are going to look so damn fine! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is going over six easy ways ANYBODY can look better.

{Simple} Style Steps to Elevate Your Presence

1. Beat up your leather jacket - wet a wash cloth & ring it out, go over the jacket, then zip it and do push-ups. Do this 7-days a week to break it in and give it a little love. The jacket looks better broken-in.

2. Stop covering your crotch - it throws off your proportions. You should see 1/2 of your crotch. When you order custom shirts on line (like Tailor Store that Alpha use), shorten the length so you can wear out or tuck in.

3. Eliminate muffin top - it looks sloppy and less sexy! Alpha's fix is to use shirt garters.

4. Manage your man boobs - the solution is to wear a small tank with a good amount of stretch. H&M has some great ones that will work well. The tank will compress and smooth so you can wear things like a light-weight sweater.

5. Fix your floppy placket - use starch by stretching inside out on an iron board. Take the iron on the placket spot to give it a little more rigid staying power.

6. Go gray with your denim - either dark or light gray denim takes your look to the next level. They are versitle and incredible.

How to Stop Muffin Top

The shirt tail garter has been around for years (such as with the military), but KK&Jay has taken it to the next level with quality and style. Attach the single end to your sock then attach to your shirt. Alpha tried them, and he loves them! Whenever he wears ANY shirt (even polos) that he tucks in, he uses a shirt garter. They aren't super expensive but with the code, it's even more affordable. KK&J code ALPHAM for special offer Also check out the suspenders as well as the no-sock version.

Pete and Pedro

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