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To Starch or Not To Starch | Dry Clean or Launder and Press

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How Often Do You Need to Dry Clean a Suit?
So, you have some dirty, stinky dress shirts. How do you get them cleaned? Getting them dry cleaned is typically the choice. But Aaron Marino of alpha m. asks why are you getting them dry cleaned in the first place?

Cotton shirts just need to be laundered and pressed because it's cheaper and your shirts will last longer. Dry cleaning deteriorates the fibers unlike laundering. Then pass on the starch because you don't need it. Prolonged starch also makes the shirts deteriorate and can make the shirts shiny.

If you want to launder at home, wash in cold, hang to dry, then press. But ironing a shirt can take 15 minutes. To save time, it's about $1.25 to $3.00 per shirt to get your shirts laundered and pressed at the dry cleaner. Also bad stains can be pointed out to the dry cleaner before laundering, and they may be able to get the stain out with out dry cleaning.

Try it with one shirt. You will not only save money but you won't be able to tell the difference between the laundering and dry cleaning. Launder and press- no starch! Now you know.

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