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Dressing to Look Taller | Short Man Style

Aaron Marino of alpha. is not a tall man at 5 ft 6 in. But fear not vertically challenged viewers, this video is for you. It's all about smoke and mirrors! By using these tips and tricks, you will look taller. Many of these tips have been talked about in previous videos, but here they are all together.

We are trying to create a visual streamline: broad at the shoulder, tapering all the way to the toes. If you don't see an inverted triangle when you are dressed, you need to make a change. Pay attention here.

Check out what Alpha is wearing here. That's Alpha doing everything right. Now check out Alpha where he's doing everything wrong.


Avoid big, clunk, chunky shoes because they make you look shorter. You can find streamline boots that elongate your body and add height (boots have heels). You can add up to 2 inches with a great pair of Frye boots. Inserts (lifts) can be added inside the shoes-- don't do that! It's false advertising!


Don't wear baggy and lose pants as they make you look shorter than you are. Too much room and the legs and crotch make your legs look very short. Look at all the bunching and bagging which eliminates the visual streamline. When you are looking for pants, get a lower rise to make your legs look longer and your body more balanced. You also want the legs to fit without being tight. Do not wear pleats or cuffs!


Shirts should be fitted and tailored to your body. When you wear a shirt untucked, make sure it doesn't come down past your crotch. Choose patterns that are subdued with darker colors to be slimming and lengthening (solid is always a great way to go).


Hair can make you look shorter. Big and longer hair look better on taller guys because it's about balance. Bushy hair makes your head look big and body smaller, so overall you look shorter.

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