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Safety Razor 101 | How to Use a Double Edged Safety Razor

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks a lot about shaving and how to save money on razors-- cartridge razors. Discount razors are available everywhere because name-brand razors are so expensive. You can save even more money with a method that has been around longer than those fancy cartridge razors. It doesn't get more macho than a safety razor! No lubricating strip, and there is a razor blade.

Shaving with a safety razor is easy, kind of cool, and feels good. It's also very nostalgic with a bit of ritual to it. It's super cheap too! If  it was good enough for grandpa, it's good enough for you. And before we get started, Alpha has some words of advice: always hold the ends of the razor.

Here's How You Do It

  1. Double edged safety razor and razor blades are what you need to get started. Razor blades are super cheap. Aaron demonstrates how to unscrew the razor and slide & tighten the razor blade.
  2. Proraso is the cream of choice for Alpha. It's cheap and found pretty much everywhere. Get a nice lather. Preparing your skin is a must with a safety razor.
  3. Let the weight of the razor do the work. Don't press and drag. Go in at a 30 degree angle with small strokes.
  4. Make sure the blade is kept clean for nice contact with skin to get a close shave with no cuts.
  5. Rinse the razor. Grab the edges and unscrew. Dry the entire razor to prolong the life of the blade.
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