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Custom Suits for Large Men | Big Boy Style

Dressing Tips for Large Men
Aaron Marino of alpha m. along with his friend, Matt, demonstrate the value of custom suits versus off-the-rack suits for the heavy guy.  Matt is 5 ft 9 in and weighs 245 pounds. He muscular but carries a lot of weight in his midsection.

BEFORE: The shirt is big and baggy shirt making Matt look bigger. The jacket has a lot of extra room in order to accommodate his midsection and broadness. of his chest. The jacket has the shoulder pads that are wider than his shoulders making him look bigger. The sleeve length is long, making him appear larger as well. Because the suit is not tailored, bunching and tension is apparent. The pants are standard and classic pleated. They are a 'mess' with a lot of extra fabric and bagging with the cuffs. The legs are incredibly wide, and the pants are pleated making him look wide with short legs.

AFTER: The custom, tailored suit makes him look about 30 pounds lighter. The shoulders are in the proper place and the sleeve length is proper. The pants are flat front without a cuff and a thinner leg. The pant goes all the way down with a break in the front. The shirt has a French cuff, and the cut is modified to Matt's body type without extra fabric. The suit makes him look taller and thinner. Other benefits to custom suits are fabric selection as well as the buttons work to allow a French cuff to come through by unbutton the first button. The lining has a pockets for various items and sweat-proof lining at the armpits.

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