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Custom Dress Shirts | Perfectly Tailored or Too Tight?

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How to Build a Custom Dress Shirt | Custom Shirt Options and What to Choose
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Has this ever happened to you? You have an outfit in your mind in which you think you'll look fantastic! Then the shirt you were planning on wearing is dirty. Aaron Marino of alpha m. had this happened the other day. And this was a great excuse to get a new custom shirt from Modern Tailor!

Modern Tailor custom shirts have many options which Alpha discusses. He also talks about setting up your profile and plugging in your measurements. NEVER EVER plug in your body measurements! It never works. Alpha recommends taking a garment that fits you the best and taking the measurements from there. You can modify the measurements from how that garment fits.

When you get that shirt, sometimes you nail it! But a lot of the times, especially with the 1st try, the shirt needs a bit of modifications. Eventually you'll have a flawless profile! You will then have a shirt that fits you perfectly from then on.

However, Alpha tweaked his profile even further. He modified the half chest, half waist, and half hip. He justifies why he's modified the measurements. He shares what the modified shirt looks like and tries it on. There is no extra fabric. Is it perfect? No, it's too tight.

He can't button the last button because he went too tight in the waist and didn't leave enough room in the half hip for his booty. There's another problem: when he sits, he looks like a can of biscuits getting ready to explode. You can see his belly button, and the shirt puckers and pulls.

He should have erred on the side of caution, because you can always have it tailored down. He's screwed because they can't let it out. He doesn't think he wasted money. He likes to think that you extracted value out of his misfortune. You also now know what 'too tight' looks like. If the buttons are holding on for dear life or if the shirt is opening, the shirt is too snug. The difference between too tight and well tailored is inches.

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