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Confident or Arrogant | Which One Are You?

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Now, we talk a lot about confidence.  If Aaron Marino had to sum-up what alpha m. is all about in one word, that one word would be confidence. Alpha's goal with these videos is to help men feel great about themselves. The better you feel about yourself, the more confident you become. The downside of developing and having confidence is that people can perceive confidence (personal positivity) as arrogance. But what is the difference?

Confidence is internal.

It's an unwavering belief in yourself and ability. You know you are good enough and smart enough, you know you are valuable, you feel super secure, and you don't have to prove anything to anybody. It doesn't mean that you are confident in every area and aspect of your life, however. There are things that you aren't great at and as a confident person, it's okay. You say 'bring it' to constructive criticism. You embrace, analyze it, and apply it to make yourself the best you can be.

Arrogance is external.

They are constantly trying to show and convince the world of their social worth and status by gloating, being a jerk, and putting other people down to lift themselves up. They run their big mouth, telling anyone who will listen how awesome they are and how you suck. A confident doesn't tell you how great he is or tear you down. He will lift you up and inspires others by their actions.

Sometimes ridding yourself of arrogant people may not be that easy if they are a family member, co-worker, or employer. Take them with a grain of salt, don't buy into it, and don't let them steal your joy or confidence. They are trying to make up for the fact that they are incredibly insecure.

Men lost their confidence as a whole.

Alpha does these videos because he sees men are hurting in this world. Men got lost along the way. Men lost their confidence as a whole. So when Alpha started alpha m., his goal from day 1 was to affect at least one person in a positive way. The deal is that he believes in each and every one of you and wants the best for you. These videos are a small way to show how much he does care.

You deserve to be happy and confident. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise or steal your joy. You are amazing. You need to know it and believe it for yourself.

Pete and Pedro

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