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10 Common Grooming Mistakes... You Are Still Making!

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How long has it been? How many videos has Alpha done about grooming? If it has to do with men's grooming, Aaron Marino of alpha m. has talked about and covered it: nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows, butt hair, back hair, ball hair, stinky crotch! In attempt to cure you of your 'grooming grossness', Alpha is going over common men's grooming mistakes and how to avoid them.
  1. The Unibrow - you should have two
  2. Much Cologne - use restraint when applying so you are not overpowering. Less is more.
  3. Dirty Ears - dirty ears are disgusting! Clean every other day.
  4. Dirty Nails - nasty! Long toe and finger nails are nasty too.
  5. The Neck Beard - arts can get away with neck beards, but otherwise you look lazy
  6. Nose and Ear Hair - trim it once a week at a minimum
  7. Hair Peeking Out of Collar of Shirt - shave it or take some of the length out of it. This goes for back hair too.
  8. Too Long Between Haircuts - your hair will lose shape and look crazy
  9. Bad Breath - halitosis is horrible
  10. Comb Over - hair loss is a bitch and sucks, but you can balance your face (facial hair, glasses, and more)
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