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How to Be a Gentleman | Chew Gum Like a Gent

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Chewing gum ensures that your breath is minty fresh. After a meal, gum can help remove particles of food, reduce bacteria, and freshen your breath. However, gum chewing can make you look rude, unrefined, and like a cow chewing his cud. Aaron Marino of alpha m. covers gum chewing rules of thumb. If you can't follow these rules, opt for breath strips or mints.

When, Where, and How to Chew Gum Like a Gentleman

  • Chew with mouth closed
  • Avoid blowing bubbles
  • Avoid incessantly cracking gum
  • Don't chew gum when conversing with a business associate whether networking functions, meetings, or simply meeting a co-worker in the next cubicle. Chewing gum is distraction and can give the impression you're not paying attention.
  • Do not spit gum out on the ground or bushes. It's responsible to dispose of it in the trash can or toilet but not a urinal!
  • When out to eat, put your gum in a sugar packet, fold in half, and place in your pocket (remember it's in your pocket to avoid a future mess).



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