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Second Best Chest Exercise! | Dips Workout

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Imagine that exercises are like family members- some make you who you are and some you don't really want to deal with. If Alpha had to pick two 'parents' for building a great well developed chest, flies and body weight dips are his choices. Alpha can't tell you  which he loves more- flies or dips, but he can tell you that he has been doing dips before he even started manscaping!

Aaron Marino of alpha m. is talking about body weight dips today. The dips stretch and tear, working that chest more than bench press and cables. Because body weight dips are so challenging, an assisted dip machine is present in most gyms. If you can't perform dips, use this machine.

Alpha demonstrates. With dip machines, the wider out is more challenging. Change the hand position inward to make it less challenging as well as to take pressure off of the shoulders. His elbows are out with the body staying in an upright position. Stay at an even tempo. Shoot for around 3 sets of 10 -20. If you can do 20, add some weight.

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