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Buying a Men's Suit or Sport Jacket | Proper Men's Suit Fit and Size

Male style and fashion expert, Aaron Marino, talks about how to buy a suit or sport jacket. Alpha shows the proper fit and how to tell if it is the right size. The goal is to cut down on the amount of tailoring you need down.

First, you go into a store and grab an associate. Have them measure you and get the suit jacket measurement.

  • Then determine the length which ranges from short, regular, and tall. Alpha gets a smaller size to cut down on the tailoring needed.
  • In regard to the sleeves, Alpha demonstrates how long the sleeves should be. When your arm is straight down, you should have about 1/2 to 3/4 inch worth of shirt cuff showing from bottom of your sleeve. You want a little cuff showing for style and class. If the sleeves are too long, get the sleeves taken up a bit.
  • Next, find out how long the jacket should be. Alpha demonstrates the test for too long, too short, and just right lengths.
  • Also, how much room should you have in the jacket body? Alpha demonstrates.
  • How much of your shirt collar should be showing? About 3/4 to 1 inch of your shirt collar showing. The back of your jacket should meet your shirt without gaps, bunching, or pulling.

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