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What Stores Are Age Appropriate

Aaron Marino of alpha m. leads a discussion about the audience that the retail outlets are geared toward. More mature guys, including Aaron, Hollister, Abercromie, and American Eagle are geared toward a younger audience. Old Navy is an in between store with basic options of men's pull-overs, men's shorts, men's jackets, and v-neck shirts.

These men's options are basics and, thus, not age specific. Old Navy (least expensive, least quality) is also interchangeable with The Gap and Banana Republic (most expensive, best quality) since they are owned by the same company. Another great idea is to look at the sales associates. If they all look 30-years younger than you, the store is probably too young for you.

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Removing Deodorant Marks | Dryer Sheets -
July 17, 2012
With the use of an ordinary household product, Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how to remove deodorant marks from dark colored shirt. Not getting the marks in the first place is the best recommendation. Prevention Put your shirt on first, then pull out your shirt and put on the deodorant by going up the shirt. You can also put the deodorant on and use a hairdryer to dry the product. You coulRead More»
Handling a Hoodie String | Men's Hoodies  -
July 13, 2012
So you have a hoodie string. Do you remove it? Leave it? Short it? Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses this very serious style dilemma. A hoodie string is a fact of hoodie. Tying it is great if you are cold or the Unibomber. Typically you never tie it. Three options are available. Remove it is one- cut and yank! The interesting thing is that if you remove, you can't get a string back through the hoRead More»
Prevent Buying What You Won't Wear | Conceptualize First -
July 13, 2012
How many times have you bought men's clothing, and the item still in your closet with tags on it? Aaron Marino of alpha m. stresses not buying what you will not wear.  Aaron avoids buying things he won't wear by using visualization. If the item is outside of his comfort zone, he tries to put himself in the outfit. He visualizes all aspects: shoes, pants, belt, shirt, sport coat, season, and in whRead More»
Finding a Good Tailor | Clothing Alterations -
July 11, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. suggests methods of locating a good tailor. Tailoring is almost a lost art. Tailors specialize in the understanding the construction of clothes. Nowadays, it's harder to find a tailor you trust. He discusses getting recommendations or performing a Google for tailors. But the dry-cleaner also offers alterations. Does Aaron trust the dry-cleaner with his pants or suits? AbsoRead More»

$87 Thrift Store Haul | Bargain and Budget Shopping -
July 6, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. shares a thrift store haul by IAmAlphaM viewer, Dave, who 36 great items for $87. In regard to thrift store shopping, you do have to hunt and dig but you can find great stuff that people just decided not to wear anymore. Typically successful people are the ones who donate. The great point is that you don't have to spend tons of money to look great. On a strict budget, you Read More»
Garment Rack | Hanging Clothes -
July 6, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates a men's garment rack. He explains the rack's usage: portable, quick assembly, inexpensive (around $10), and convenient. You can hang volumes of clothes when you have limited space. You can also hang so you can grab-and-go without ironing. The garment rack may be your best men's fashion and men's style solution. Read More»
Alpha M. Travel Packing Tip | Garment Bag -
July 4, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. displays his methods for wrinkle-free packing and traveling with suits, dress shirts, slacks, and sports coats. Generally when you use a garment bag, the items don't need to be ironed when you arriving at your destination. Aaron demonstrates unzipping the bag, compartments for shoes & belts, secret compartments for underwear, and the hook area for hanging your clothes.Read More»
Buyer's Remorse | Shopping Regret -
June 27, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. did something that he's regretful. He spent too much money on a pair of men's shoes and has buyer's remorse. Aaron grew up poor and doesn't like to spend money. He says he's 'cheap as hell' which developed his creativity with putting together great outfits. So when he's faced with spending a lot on a specific item, he gets all freaked-out with the waste of money. He's alsoRead More»
Wedding Guest Attire | White Shoes and a Wedding -
June 27, 2012
Are you getting invited to weddings? Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses what color belt and shoes should be worn with white plain polo and khaki pants. If you are going to be in a wedding but the hosts don't specify the color of shoes / belt, ask them. Also always go with something safe. You don't want to stick out on somebody else's day. Opt for brown shoes / belt. You want to more crazy? Go tan.Read More»

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