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Hook and Albert | Shoe Laces and Cool Socks

Hook and Albert
Are you educated in men's style and men's fashion? More specifically, do you take care of your shoes? Aaron Marino of alpha m. explains that the shoes a man wears is a chief indicator what type of person he is.

The company Hook and Albert provides a colorful selection of shoelaces and fun colored dress socks to 'up your game' in men's style and fashion. Spruce up and elevate your style with fun and playful socks. Add a pop of color to the monochromatic look -- or tie the color into your pocket square. Set yourself apart with contrasting colors that add character.

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Get the GQ Look for Less | Budget Style  -
August 16, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. gets great ideas about how to combine different items from high-end fashion magazines. Alpha recently read an article in GQ Magazine about monk strap shoes and attempted to duplicate the look from items in his wardrobe. He demonstrates the look he assembled, referencing the $3,000 outfit. Stylish and fashionable men don't need thousands of dollars. Men simply need to be foRead More»
Combining Summer and Fall Looks | Blending Seasonal Clothing -
August 14, 2012
Until it's time to put away your shorts, introduce autumn items to make incredible outfits. Aaron Marino of alpha m. mixed up a casual cardigan with flops and city shorts. The v neck shirt came from the Gap. Blend summer with fall looks for a great men's wardrobe. Read More»
Quick Weekend Trip Packing | Smartly Pack for Travel  -
August 13, 2012
Aaron of alpha m. teaches men how to pack smart and efficiently. One common problem is over-packing and over-thinking. Aaron displays his compact and versatile packing in his men's carry-on. Carry-on luggage is optimal to avoid baggage fees. Aaron presents factors to evaluate to pack smartly and simply. First aspect to consider is weather. Second aspect is to exercise. Third aspect is activities sRead More»
Shirt Length When Untucked -
August 13, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. diagrams the acceptable zone a man's shirt should hit. The rise of the pant and the zones 1 - 4 are keys to the diagram. Men's tee shirts should fall no lower than zone 2. If it's too short, the top of pants or underwear will be visible. Button-up dress shirts should hang low past zone 4 so that it doesn't become untucked. Casual button-up dress shirts (worn untucked) shouRead More»

End of Season Clothing Deals | Bargain and Budget Shopping -
August 6, 2012
The end of summer is the perfect time of year for summer sales on clothes. Aaron Marino of alpha m. loves The Gap for shorts and v-neck tee shirts. Never pay full price if you can help it. Knowing when to shop is essential for saving money. The more popular (metro) a store or mall is, the better the selection. Aaron found 30 - 40% off all of The Gap shorts and displays his finds. He purchased 3 paRead More»
Graphic Tee Shirts | Retro Inspired Vintage Tee Shirts  -
August 2, 2012
Aaron Marino Store What is the deal with our inability to get rid of the crappy screen-printed tee shirt that we've accumulated over the years? Regardless of the event, the fact is that we have have an anxiety of getting rid of these tee shirts. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses graphic tee shirts and the style deal! Style is subjective; however, trends come and go, and the graphic tee shirt is Read More»
Shirt Shoulder Placement  -
July 27, 2012
Where should the shoulder seam of a man's shirt sit for proper fit? Aaron Marino of alpha m. analyzes where a men's shirt seam should sit on his shoulder. The seam shouldn't crest the outside of the shoulder- should be some room should be available. When you locate your collar bone, an inch difference should be visible. Next time you are buying a men's shirt, explore buying the next size down whicRead More»
Blue Shoes -
July 26, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives his opinion about a certain pair of men's blue shoes. This casual driving moc with perforation on the toe & side is a 'fine' shoe and 'fine' option. When wearing this men's blue shoe, think of contrasting pieces of clothing. Pick a pair of men's jeans that are lighter or darker. You could also wear these blue shoes with a tan pant or khakis.  Aaron has a pair ofRead More»
What Stores Are Age Appropriate  -
July 25, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. leads a discussion about the audience that the retail outlets are geared toward. More mature guys, including Aaron, Hollister, Abercromie, and American Eagle are geared toward a younger audience. Old Navy is an in between store with basic options of men's pull-overs, men's shorts, men's jackets, and v-neck shirts. These men's options are basics and, thus, not age specific.Read More»

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