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Style Rules Are Made to Be Broken

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. has been inspired from an observation resulting from viewer emails asking about various style rules" "Can I wear black and brown together?" "Do my belt and shoes need to match?" "Can I wear white after Labor Day?" "Can I wear boots with a suit?" Alpha says YES! Style rules are meant to be broken.

We embrace individuality currently. If you've thought about it, someone else has probably done it. It's kind of tough to 'screw up' these days. Don't be so concerned and worried. If you think it looks good, try it! Alpha gives an example of when he thought an outfit was 'crazy, outside of the box" (light brown shoes with black suit). It's now one of the looks he loves the most. It all comes down to trail and error.

Trends come and go. Everything that was in style will come back in style again. Alpha gives examples about ties, pants, and jeans. If anyone says it's 'wrong', there is no right or wrong! It's personal opinion and subjective! The only opinion that matters most days is yours. Style rules are meant to be broken.

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September 22, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Four in Hand | Men's Ties The necktie know says about as much about a man as his shoe. Aaron Marino of alpha m. shows three less substantial (small but awesome & amazing) knots in this tutorial. Alpha films from the mirror so that you can see the tutorial the way you will when you're trying the knot yourself. He demonstrates each knot. The Nicky knot first. ItRead More»
Aaron Marino's Shark Tank Story | How Shark Tank Can Change Your Life -
September 17, 2015
Bombas Socks Bombas Socks | Shark Tank 2014 Season 6 - Episode 1 Shark Tank Product Perfection | Socks that Rock from Bombas Discount Offer: 20% off your first purchase of any size! Just click on this link and enter your email to access the discount code! Bombas Socks | Alpha M. Alpha M. Style System Alpha M. Style System | Shark Tank 2012 Season 4 - Episode 402 Alpha M. Style System DRead More»
5 Simple Men's Style Hacks  -
September 15, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Do you ever feel overwhelmed with men's style and fashion? Alpha does. It's tough to keep up. To cut through the noise and keep you looking greatĀ  regardless of trends, Aaron Marino of alpha m. is going over style hacks that will keep you looking sharp. FIT - fit is the most important aspect of style! Size down when purchasing clothing to avoid having to take iteRead More»
Are You A Lumbersexual? | The Modern Urban Man  -
September 14, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube The urban male has been going through an identity transformation. Back early 2000, guys started to pay attention to themselves with style and grooming where previously it was only gay men. What did we call these men who were polished and dressed well? Metrosexual. The term is not being used any more. So, in this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle exRead More»

Jeans for Guys Who Squat | Barbell Apparel for Athletic Fit Denim -
September 11, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Barbell Apparel | American Made Athletic Fit Denim Metodi InstagramĀ  One of the downsides to lower body development is finding pants that fit! Due to your proportions, you have to buy bigger pants to compensate for larger thighs and glutes. With pants cinched at the waist with a belt, you look like a big balloon. Your booty fits, but you look horrible. In this vidRead More»
Persol Sunglasses Review with The Urban Gentry  -
September 8, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses | Best Shades for Every Face Shape The Diver Watches | Stylish,Wearable,Timelessly Awesome Watch Time to Talk About Watches with The Urban Gentry The Urban Gentry YouTube Channel Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents The Urban Gentry's response to Alpha's Wayfarer video. Tristano thinks Persol sunglasses are the best and quality. First,Read More»
Cool Watch Brand Under $140 | Tayroc Watch Review  -
September 3, 2015
Awesome Men's Watch Under $40 | Timex Weekender Aaron Marino Instagram Tayroc Watches Alpha loves cool men's accessories, but in the past he hasn't talked much about watches. Aaron Marino of alpha m. doesn't talk about watches on purpose because (1) he never wants anyone to feel badly that they can't afford something (2) he doesn't want anyone to go into debt to get something. He now realizes thatRead More»
Sweat Absorbing Armpit Pads | Underarm Perspiration Shields -
September 1, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube SODIAL 50pcs Disposable Sweat Pad Antiperspirant Underarm Shield Alpha receives package in the mail that he can't read anything on the package. It's filled with little envelopes. Aaron Marino of alpha m. realizes these are the sweat protecting pads that he ordered for his dress shirts. Sweat stains are a bummer. Awhile ago when he was working with a TV channel PivoRead More»
4 Ways to Wear Chinos | How to Style Men's Chino Pants -
August 28, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube A chino is a casual cotton pant. The chino is an incredibly versatile option which works great with a lot of your favorite options. You can dress it up and down, but it's not appropriate for business casual. Aaron Marino of alpha m. advises that the choice for business casual is the khaki pant. Styling the Chino Each look features the same slim fit chino from The GRead More»

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