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Spring/Summer Style

Men's Shoes | What Summer Footwear Is Worn with Shorts?

Driving Moccasins | Perfect Men's Casual Shoe
Warm weather is when we break out the shorts and frolic in the sunshine. What shoes do you wear with those shorts? For this video, flat-front  khaki short are going to be used for the examples.

Summer Footwear Options

  • Flip flop - ultra casual vs. dress, which Alpha displays and discusses each. Make sure you toenails!
  • Fashion sneakers - these aren't used for athletics; they are sleek and stylish and you can wear with jeans as well as shorts. They are more stable than flip flops. Use baby powder to reduce stink.
  • Driving mocs - there are different level of dressiness with driving mocs


Alpha Plays Dress Up

  • Graphic tee, flat front khakis, casual flip flops
  • Graphic tee, flat front khakis, fashion sneakers
  • V-neck tee, flat front khakis, casual driving mocs
  • Plaid western-inspired shirt, flat front khakis, driving mocs or dressier flip flops
  • Fitted light-weight dress shirt with sleeves rolled up and tucked in, belt, flat front khakis, dressier driving mocs


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