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Spring/Summer Style

Summer Essential | Casual Button Ups

A long time ago, Alpha learned that one cannot exist on v-neck tee shirts alone. Although he has tried, you need other options. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the casual, fitted, button-up, short sleeve shirt.

In regard to casual button-up shirts, pay attention to the length, which should land in zone 2 or 3. You can wear it out or tucked in. You need one in black and one in white. You can add a fun color or pattern for a third one. Stay away from shirts with crazy details on the shoulders or patches.

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Summer Essential | Tee Shirts and V-Necks -
February 28, 2013
Alpha's absolute #1 go-to summer shirt in the world: simple v-neck T shirt. It's a stylistic step above the crew neck T shirt. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses varieties and depths of the v-neck T shirts. The deeper you go with a v-neck T shirt, you have to make sure your chest hair is manscaped. The three essential colors are white, gray, and black. Blue is okay too. They are relatively inexpenRead More»
Summer Essential | Belts -
February 27, 2013
Alpha is a firm believer that every pair of shoes needs a complimentary and coordination belt. If you are opting a leather belt for driving mocs or flip flops, the belt needs to match in color and texture. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses fabric belts. Not matter the season, a fabric belt can add creativity and dimension to your outfit. With white fashion sneakers, wear a belt that matches your Read More»
Summer Essential | Men's Shorts -
February 26, 2013
Shorts have changed over the past 10 years. In the past, only one cut was available (big and baggy), with a regular rise, and the legs were wide. The look was not that great. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses different fits, rises, and fabrics. Look for three pairs of shorts that fit you like your favorite pair of chinos or jeans with a mid-rise mid and thin legs thin. Two pair of flat front shorRead More»
Summer Essential | Men's Flip Flops, Fashion Sneakers, Leather Loafers -
February 25, 2013
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a series of videos, "Summer Essentials" which this video covers must-have shoes. Option 1: simple, non bulky leather flip flop. Option 2: sleek fashion sneaker. Option 3: leather loafers (driving moc or boat shoe). Alpha also addresses sandals- whenever you are deciding on a footwear, make sure it's streamlined. Read More»

Summer Shorts -
June 26, 2012
With summer upon half the world, warm winter clothing gets put away and out comes the summer garb.  T-shirts, short sleeve and sleeveless tops, along with shorts and sandals clothe most of us when dressing casually and looking to stay cool.  Men's short styles are pretty basic and don't seem to change much; however, the styles do come in countless options of colors, fabrics, and features; lendinRead More»
Men's Linen Shirts and Pants | Hot Weather Men's Fashion -
June 4, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives the low-down and opinion on men's linen shirts and pants. These types of shirts and pants are surging in the stores. Linen fabric is woven from the fibers of the flax plant- the same flax that is the healthy seed for you to consume. The weave is loose, and the fabric is cool to touch, breathable, and light. Linen is tough to keep wrinkle-free (almost impossible) but Read More»
Summer Sport Coats | Linen and Lightweight Cotton -
April 5, 2012
Spring is the time to retire winter sport coats until next fall season. Aaron Marino of alpha m. emphasizes the fact that there are seasonal sport coats. Spring and summer options are available for the sport coat: linen or lightweight cotton. The structure is deconstructed. They look great but area lot lighter and flowing. You will still need to get them tailored. Aaron shows some examples. Go outRead More»
Men's Summer Footwear | Flip Flops, Fashion Sneakers, Driving Mocs, Boat Shoes -
April 4, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses different men's shoe options to wear with shorts without resorting to tennis shoes. It's summer, it's hot, and you are wearing shorts- make sure your footwear is appropriate: The first option is the flip flop or thong. It's a great option to slip on and hang out. Aaron buys women's flip flops because of the sleeker design and the bottom is not so big and bulky. ARead More»
Spring Shopping in Mid-March | Men's Clothes -
March 15, 2012
Mid-March is the best time to shop for spring and summer men's clothing. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that the stores are putting out their warmer weather clothes, all sizes are available, and items are on sale. At Old Navy, Aaron got two pairs of light weight cargo shorts in taupe and army green. He also got three vintage style v-neck tee shirts. He also got two Henley / baseball shirts. The quaRead More»

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