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Hook and Albert | Shoe Laces and Cool Socks

Hook and Albert
Are you educated in men's style and men's fashion? More specifically, do you take care of your shoes? Aaron Marino of alpha m. explains that the shoes a man wears is a chief indicator what type of person he is.

The company Hook and Albert provides a colorful selection of shoelaces and fun colored dress socks to 'up your game' in men's style and fashion. Spruce up and elevate your style with fun and playful socks. Add a pop of color to the monochromatic look -- or tie the color into your pocket square. Set yourself apart with contrasting colors that add character.

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Men's Ankle Boots | Dress and Chukkas -
April 30, 2012
Are the spring and summer the time to retire your men's boots? Well perhaps your big and bulky Frye or Timberland boots, but Aaron Marino of alpha m. has another boot option. The dress ankle boot is okay in the warmer months but not the Chelsea ankle boot which is too rugged.  The dress ankle boots can be worn with slacks, jeans, and suits. Think of the dress ankle boot as a dress shoe that can bRead More»
Semi-Dress Shoes  -
December 30, 2011
Nothing pulls an outfit together like a great pair of shoes!  Shoes can make or break an outfit, and are key in reflecting our sense of style.  Shoes say so much about the man and his identity that wearing the right shoes at the right time is crucial. Whether you’re on a dinner date or hiking the trail, there is shoe etiquette that should be acknowledged and followed.  That being said, this aRead More»
Stylish Men's Boots | Look Great While Keeping Warm  -
December 18, 2010
Aaron Marino of alpha m. loves shoes! But sometimes he's just not in a *shoe* mood. Sometimes he needs something more rugged, edgy, macho, and masculine. A great pair of stylish boots fixes that fever. Create a visual streamline from neck to toes. If you put on big clunky, chunky, bulky shoes, you'll look shorter, heavier, and dumpy. Boots are no exception. Your sexiness can go down down down. FunRead More»

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