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Spot Fake Shoe Leather | Men's Shoes

Have you ever found a pair of shoes and inspected them closer to try to determine if they are leather or not? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says if you are buying a quality shoe, you can rest assure that the shoe is leather.

If you are looking at more stylized fashion shoes, you may have to question if the shoe is leather or not. If you suspect fishy, it's probably synthetic (creases cleanly, doesn't feel durable, doesn't smell like leather on the upper, no leather indication sticker on shoe or box).

Shy away from buying shoes online if any question about what the shoe is constructed of. Shoes that are not leather look cheap, don't last, and fall apart fast. Remember the four steps for identifying leather: Looks like leather. Feels like leather. Smells like leather. Marking on shoe states it's made of leather.

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March 20, 2013
Have you ever had one of those day where you have no idea what you are going to wear? Aaron Marino of alpha m. starts with the shoes and works his way up. He starts with boots --> cargo pants --> medium gray v-neck sweater --> fabric belt, and boom!, a spectacular outfit for the day! Alpha hopes that this inspires you to step outside of the box. If you are working your wardrobe efficientlRead More»
Rolling Old School in Galoshes | Rubber Boots -
January 25, 2013
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses options. He recommends galoshes as the best option. Snow pretty much annoys Alpha. And if you are in a part of the world where it snows often, you have to figure out a way of keeping your shoes from being destroyed. Read More»
Orthotic Shoe Inserts -
January 24, 2013
Pain is never a good thing, especially when it stems from sore, achy feet and interferes with every step we take. Chronic foot pain and its limitations affect millions of men worldwide of all ages, backgrounds, and activity levels; leaving no one exempt from its possible wrath. Foot disorders can be so restrictive that many suffers' lives are impaired due to pain and lost functionality. Fallen arcRead More»
Everything Shoelace -
December 11, 2012
Gentlemen, look at your shoes. Are they lace-ups? If so, are the laces the original laces the shoes came with, or did you replace them? Shoelaces don't seem to be significant enough to spend time or brain cells worrying about, but, no surprise, I'm here to tell you they are! Two skinny strands of fabric or leather; subtle shoelaces have the capability of making or breaking an outfit. Sounds crazy,Read More»

Men's Boot Styles -
December 6, 2012
It's hard to believe it's December already. Cold weather always turns my thoughts to winter garb, and today is no different as I notice how cold my feet are. Sure, I could have been practical and grabbed a thick pair of socks, but, instead, my thoughts went straight to BOOTS! Yes, cold weather and boots make the perfect match, so now's the time for all boot-lovin men to knock off the dirt and brinRead More»
Johnston & Murphy Shoes and Boots -
November 7, 2012
Reference: Johnston & Murphy Gentleman, Aaron Marino of alpha m. is blown away with the good looking shoes and boots that Johnston & Murphy is offering this season. They have timelessly styled shoes and boots. Alpha shows examples. They are sexy and cost a bit more because of the high quality. The prices are around $195 - $395. Matching belts are also a perk with this company. They have gRead More»
To Boot New York | Men's Shoe Company -
August 22, 2012
To Boot New York Nordstrom: To Boot New York Zappos: To Boot New York Aaron Marino of alpha m. shares with viewers one of his favorite men's shoe manufacturers. To Boot New York shoes are handmade in Italy and sell for around $295 to $395. Aaron illustrates some of the quality and sexy shoes that the company designs. They sell men's dress shoes, men's comfortable casual shoes, and men's fashion snRead More»
Hook and Albert | Shoe Laces and Cool Socks  -
August 17, 2012
Hook and Albert Are you educated in men's style and men's fashion? More specifically, do you take care of your shoes? Aaron Marino of alpha m. explains that the shoes a man wears is a chief indicator what type of person he is. The company Hook and Albert provides a colorful selection of shoelaces and fun colored dress socks to 'up your game' in men's style and fashion. Spruce up and elevate your sRead More»
Men's Ankle Boots | Dress and Chukkas -
April 30, 2012
Are the spring and summer the time to retire your men's boots? Well perhaps your big and bulky Frye or Timberland boots, but Aaron Marino of alpha m. has another boot option. The dress ankle boot is okay in the warmer months but not the Chelsea ankle boot which is too rugged.  The dress ankle boots can be worn with slacks, jeans, and suits. Think of the dress ankle boot as a dress shoe that can bRead More»

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