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How to Find Amazing Shoes at {Crazy} Incredible Prices!

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Ace Marks Handcrafted Italy Kickstarter

Ace Marks is adding the size "E" width during this Kickstarter campaign! So they will now have "D" & "E" widths available.

A general rule, Alpha doesn't promote Kickstarter campaigns. Although the products may be super cool, he doesn't feel 'right' talking about Kickerstarter campaigns because a lot can happen from the time you donate money to actually receive the product. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is breaking rules because Ace Marks is breaking rules with amazing shoes at a incredible price.

Why Alpha Loves Ace Marks

Alpha has talked about them before in the video 5 Shoes Styles EVERY Man {Needs} in His Wardrobe. He's a dress shoe slut and snob, and he's paid up to $600 for shoes and thus knows what high quality looks like. Ace Marks sells directly to customers quality shoes which should cost $600 because they are luxury (everything from the materials to construction). BUT they are selling theirs for around $200! Alpha has fallen in love with Ace Marks the company and their shoes. Why? read on.

Handcrafted Dress Shoes Reinvented for the Modern Gentleman

Ace Marks is the first bold, comfortable, and affordable handcrafted Italian leather shoe with a buyback option that strengthens communities. Kickstarter supporters will be able to send back their old Ace Marks for a $60 credit towards a new full priced pair purchased from the website. Ace Marks partnered with Career Gear, a leading national organization helping men in need, to donate the old shoes and help men get back on their feet and re-enter the work force. Last year, they donated over $15,000 in luxury dress shoes to Career Gear!

Bold Beautiful Handcrafted Italian Statement Shoes for Less Than $200

Ace Marks past campaign (2016) was the #1 shoe funded campaign ever and made Kickstarter history. Alpha is now encouraging you to check this new Kickstarter campaign because they are offering these quality luxury shoes at $180. Check out their video about how they're handmade in Italy. For Ace Marks, they make wearable works of art and are driven by the belief that luxury should be available for everyone.

Grab Them While You Can!

Ace Marks features loafers, tassel loafers, wing tips, cap toe single monks -- the collection is NUTS and beautiful! Help a great company reach their goals. If you're inspired, like Alpha you may want to donate to get a pair like the Aron!

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