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Make Your Suit Look Expensive | Copy High End Aspects of Suits

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Alpha loves wearing suits. Nothing makes him feel more confident and sexy than a great fitting suit. A man's suit is the modern day equivalent of a suit of armor-- the same 'don't eff with me' because 'I am the man and I have panache'! Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the various elements that make a suit high-end and talks about how to obtain the look for less.

Times are tough, but every man needs a great fitting suit in his arsenal. Do you need to spend $1,000s on a suit? No, that's absurd. Subtle, simple details distinguish the luxury feel of the suit. You can spend a few hundred dollars to create luxury look.

Createthe Luxury Suit on a Budget

  1. Suit fabric - the suit fabric ultimately determines how the suit wears and performs in the long run. Only invest in 100% wool suits. Do not invest in synthetic suits. Wool has different rating system from super 100 up to super 250. The higher the rating, the thinner the thread, which translates into a luxurious feeling.
  2. Suit jacket's chest piece - canvas between outer and inner layer that gives the suit it's shape. On occasion, cheap suits don't pre-shrink this which can produce puckers after dry-cleaning. Also, is the chest piece fused or sewn in? Gluing it in, the chest piece can shift over time and it won't wear as well. Make sure that the chest piece is sewn in. Alpha demonstrates the simple test at the pocket..
  3. The vents - you need double or side vents that look like a 'butt flap'. When you buy a suit, there's a white stitched 'x' on each vent. Do not wear your suit with at stitch still in place! Take it out!
  4. Details - stitching in the higher end exists along the edge of the lapel. This hand-stitching separates higher end. You can have that stitching added in. Functioning buttonholes also are a detail.
  5. Suit fit - the most important and crucial aspect of the suit you're buying. Alpha would take the cheaper fitted suit than the poorly fitting high-end suit. Alpha demonstrates wearing two different suit fits.

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